Next Meeting:

(NOTE: Generally meetings are held on the 2nd Friday of each month)

Friday  10 August 2018

1800 HRS.

@New SFA Meeting Room Room A-303

(3 Floor above the Bar at the JUSMAGTHAI Compound)

 VA Benefits Information Briefing

Friday, 10 August 2018

1330-1500, JUSMAG Conf Rm

Open to all Military, Retirees, and Dependents who will benefit from learning about VA Claims from a Certified VA Claims agent and Subject Matter Expert.

Dr. Rudy S. Melson, is President of Consultants for America’s Veterans, LLC., a company dedicated to helping U.S. Military Veterans and Service Members, their dependents, and organizations that serve them.


12 February 2017-1973

Let us honor and remember his sacrifice

mark at loc ninhReturned POW 1973



SFA 3 Coins – Great Deal for our Members

Coin prices have been reduced for our members from 500 baht to 300 baht to make them more affordable.

new coin photo old coins photo old brass coin photo
So we still have on hand the following:
The New Brass Coins for 300 baht

The old Brass Coins – we have only 30 left. If you collect challenge coins now is the time to get these before they are gone.

Old Gold Colored Coins for 300 baht

Old Silver Colored Coins for 300 baht