In Memory of the Brothers of SFA Chapter 3 that has passed on.


SF Association Chapter 3 regrets to inform all of the passing of one of our own, US Army Special Forces Captain Fred C. “Lightning” Wunderlich on 21 FEB 2017 in Thailand after a long battle with cancer.

Fred was a genuine hero and legend in the Special Forces community, with distinguished service while assigned to MACV-SOG-CCN, 5th Special Forces Group in the Republic of Vietnam. Fred was originally an enlisted Soldier, and then later attended OCS to become an officer and then Airborne and SF Officers Course.

Fred in the field with RT OHIO

He was at CCN for 2 years as a Recon Team leader and Covey Rider. He got the nickname “Lightning” after his team was knocked unconscious from a lighting strike while on a recon mission.

After returning from Vietnam he was like many company grade officers at the time facing a RIF so Fred left the service. Fred spent most of his life working as a Project Manager around the world. He had a long history with KBR building FOBs and OGA facilities in Sudan, West Africa and 7 years in Afghanistan. Fred never stopped being involved in things that mattered to the national defense of his country.

He was a member of Special Forces Association Chapter 3 Thailand and a 40-year Tenure Member of the Special Operations Association (SOA). Captain Wunderlich is survived by his wife and 2 daughters. His funeral will take place in Pattaya, Thailand. Rest in Peace brother. You will be sorely missed. De Oppresso Liber.

Fred with Frank Thornton (SEAL) in Afghanistan 2003



Chapter 3 regrets to inform you of the passing of one of our own, Reed F. “Cadillac” Johnson (D-2550).  Reed was a Decade / Lifetime member of SFA Chapter 3, a decorated Veteran of the Vietnam War, and the President/CEO of the 46th Special Forces Company (Airborne) Association, which sponsored countless Wounded Warrior Foundation events and performed charity work for thousands of underprivileged children and communities throughout the Kingdom of Thailand.

Reed Johnson


Harlan “Sandy” Sandell passed away on February 24, 2016 as a result of cancer. Sandy served with the 5th SFG  in Vietnam from Feb 69- Feb 70. He had 22 missions in enemy held territory as a Recon Team Leader with Command and Control South (CCS) where he was awarded the Bronze Star for Valor.  Near the end of his tour he was assigned to the Recon Team Leader’s School as an instructor. He later spent several years with a reserve SF A team.  He spent over 40 years as a missionary to the hill tribes along the Thai Burma border. He also co-founder or World Aid Inc. a medical NGO working in Laos and Burma.

Sandy SandellSandy Sandell CCS